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CoMotion Benefit Highlights * Provides a sustained boost of physical performance and mental focus, without crash or jitters * Double concentration energy drink with as much caffeine as a 16oz can for a fast-acting, stronger boost * Contains extra vitamin B12 and Palatinose for even more extended energy effect * Helps enhance well being and relieve stress thanks to antioxidants and adaptogens * Certified CarbonFree® -- carbon footprint associated with production and distribution is offset in partnership with
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CoMotion 2X Energy 8.4oz (12 pack)
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CoMotion 2X Energy 8.4oz (12 pack)
With twice the caffeine of other energy drinks its size (equivalent to a 16oz), a shot of B12 and a proprietary blend of sugars that help avoid "the crash", CoMotion is what you are looking for when you are down. And it tastes good too!
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